If you are a department outside of Enrollment Management, and would like photography/video services ask us!

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Web Design & Migrations

Are you still in the old template? Need to migrate, update, add or change your website? We do that!

Photography by MediaCats

If you are in need of new photos, or just want help learning to use the camera in your department let us know!
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Media Cats

We help with Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Social Networking and Special Projects. Ask us! We can help!
Media Cats Digital Solutions

Our Mission

The Media Cats team was set up to provide Student Affairs offices with digital solutions support.  We offer help in areas such as web migrations and maintenance, photography, videography, graphic design, and marketing via social networking. We currently do not offer web and graphic services to student groups.

We are here to answer your questions, or guide you through a new process.  We can even provide some training in some of these new technologies.  Just let us know how we can help. Contact us.

Web Design & Migrations

How we can help

Our team specializes in web design and media integration. We can provide design assistance, new content, dynamic photos, and more.  Fill out our Project Initiation Form today and get started.

Web Management

Even if you have already migrated, we can help you keep your site fresh and relevant. Let us know what new things you would like to add to your page.  

We can help you find new content, videos, photos and, social networking integration. Start here.

Photography & Graphic Design

Photos at your fingertips

We have an online photography library at Photobucket that is easy to use! Just click on the photo you like, choose a size and right click to download.

If you need specific photos, or have an event you want photographed, contact us and we will work with you to get the photography you need.

Graphic Design

The Media Cats can design post cards, flyers, and posters! Let us know what your needs are and we will work closely with your team to help you with the design of your small run publications.

Social Networking

Digital Marketing Solutions

The Media Cats can help you to determine which social networks are right for you and what kind of media you want to push. 

We will help you create content and post daily as well as a messaging calendar and strategy to target your audience.

Click here to see why you should use Social Marketing. Contact us!

Click here to view our Social Media Directory!

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